Friday, September 23, 2011

Pom Poms and Bon Bons

No, I have not turned into a candy eating cheerleader. Well, not yet anyway. What this is really about is my new love affair with this juice:

Yes, that is the inside of the fridge.
 So lets talk about why I love it. Well, first, it tastes amazing. Second it comes in a really cool bottle. And third, I am currently taking a nutrition class which is in turn causing me to meticulously read all of the labels on the food I consume. As it turns out, there is a substantial amount of potassium in there, scant amounts of other nutrients, antioxidants and, my favorite, is 54% real juice with no preservatives. Short shelf life? Yes. Worth it? absolutely. Oh and its called Pom, get it, Pom Poms...anyway.

Second up on the list of things I have recently discovered I need more of in my life is desserts from Baby Cakes in Poughkeespkie. Okay, so maybe not need but defiantly want. My roommate, Krissy was nice enough to bring me back this wonderful Chocolate Mousse Cake.

I am not going to acknowledge this in regards to my nutrition class. I think I will just eat an apple to balance this one out.

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