Monday, May 14, 2012

Do You Eat Responsibly?

So maybe it's just me, but does anyone else love thee idea of eating food that has no additives? Food that is made from real ingredients that actually grow in the ground rather than in a petri dish? How about foods that have ingredients that you can actually pronounce? If this sounds in anyway, the slightest bit appealing, then  please read on.

Right now, 90% of the money Americans spend on food is for processed items. Mind boggling, right? So why not try something delicious and, well, real?

My mom, sister and I recently went a small place by Mom's work for lunch and it was delicious, and good for you (well maybe not the macaroon), and fresh and local and seasonal...I could go on and on. I know you're dying to know the name of it, so without further ado: Atwater's on Falls Road.

Fair Trade Iced Coffee with a Coconut Chocolate Macaroon

Atwater's is a Baltimore-Washington based restaurant brand that makes everything from scratch. They have a variety of sandwiches, soups, baked goods and coffee house drinks, that are all made responsibly from fair trade, organic, seasonal and local ingredients.

Spring Veggie Sandwich with Vegetable Goulash and Herbed Noodles

Even their sodas are from responsible producers-- Maine Root. This company is ran by two brothers, who are quickly changing the public's view on soda. They are using real foods and Organic Fair Trade Cane Sugar as a sweetener, to create tantalizing flavors such as: Blueberry, Mandarin Orange and even Pumpkin Pie Soda! I bought two flavors, Root Beer and Ginger Brew.  

The Root Beer was delicious! Sweet and full of clove flavor, but without the chemically after taste of other root beers. The Ginger Brew, was very gingery! It is definitely a lot more pungent than that of regular commercial brands. It took a few sips to get used to but after the initial shock of that real ginger flavor wore off it was very good.

Root Beer and Ginger Brew

I would absolutely recommend going to Atwater's for lunch and of course to pick up a Maine Root Root Beer.

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