Sunday, February 12, 2012

Food Trends 2012

I have been feverishly trying to think of something, anything, to write about but nothing, NOTHING, is coming to mind. My phone, that I use to take all of the pictures for my blog, is broken so it has hard impossible to photo document anything that has been going on in my foodie life this past week. So here is the sum up of my week:

  • Graduation Pictures
  • Last Day of Waiting Tables in Saint Andrew's Cafe
  • Career Fair Breakfast Prep
  • First Day of Saute Station
  • Molto Pazzo in Bethlehem, PA
  • Justin's Mom's Birthday

In lieu of a beautiful restaurant review or some collage of photos for the station I am working I thought I would give you my predictions for the food trends of 2012. A tad bit delayed, but hey, better late then ever. After you read mine, check out the National Restaurant Association's predictions and then leave me yours in the comment bar.

  1. Alternative Grains- "New" grains like Amaranth, Farro and Quinoa will probably be huge this year.
  2. Alternative Proteins- Andrew Zimmerman had said that if everyone at one alternative protein a week (venison, pheasant, bison, tofu) we could solve the global ecosystem problem we have created. I am hoping that this year more people will adopt this ideology.
  3. An Increase in "Exotic" Fruits- Finger Limes have already hit the market and created quite the splash, so what is next? How about the Black Sapote, aka the chocolate pudding fruit? Is your mind blown, because mine was when Justin showed it to me.
  4. Reduction in Gluten Products-like flour. I think in the next year people will become more accustomed to nut based flours.
  5. Smaller Tapas Style Restaurants-Smaller plates will soon replace the larger portions offered around the country because the average consumer is more educated and is focused on quality over quantity.
  6. More Focus on Service- With the boom in everything food, dining has become focused on the entire experience, not just the food. So servers, polish up, we're watching!

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