Thursday, April 19, 2012

100 Year Old Ice Cream

Can anyone honestly say, that if given a heaping bowl of ice cream, they would turn it down? I think not. And that is exactly why, on Easter Weekend, Justin, his family and I decided we just had to go to The Franklin Creamery after seeing it featured on The Travel Channel.

This quaint little ice cream parlor looks like something straight out of the 1920's. All of the staff wears cute, old timey outfits and the decor is very true to the period. Even the ceiling fans which are constructed to work on a pulley system.

On to the good stuff. All of the ice cream is handmade there by "Ice Cream Specialists" (How do I become one of those?) and boy oh boy is it delicious.

I had the Banana Split for my Baby, which was ah-may-zing, and totally different that a regular split. Vanilla and Peanut Butter  Ice Cream with Banana Coins, Walnuts, Peanuts, Peanut Butter Sauce, Spanish Peanuts, House-Made Whipped Cream and a Single Cherry. I think this should be re-named to the Amanda Split, personally.

Both Justin and his mom tackled The Lightning Rod. A cleverly named sundae comprised of Coffee Ice Cream, atop Brownie Pieces, with Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, a Pretzel Rod and Chocolate Shavings, drenched in a shot of Espresso. If this doesn't wake you up I do not know what would.

John made his own Ice Cream Creation. And to this day I am not too sure as to what was on it, but it had to be amazing seeing as he had dove into the mound before I could snap a picture!

As if all of this wasn't enough, they had a candy store down the street which looked too good to pass up. Shane Confectionery's, is too, a step back in time, with old adding machines for cash registers and enormous baker's scales to weigh out whichever candies you choose.

Justin bought four pieces of the Turkish Delight, and of course, they were very tasty!

If you ever find yourself wandering around Philadelphia, stop in. Your sweet tooth will thank you!

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