Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple of My Eye

We never run out of things to do in Hudson Valley.

Justin and I gave my aunt and cousin a tour around our school this weekend. It brought back memories of my first tour around the seems like so long ago.
After being re-inspired, we decided now is a good time for some Street Food. On campus, on a one way street, on the back of the campus, through a partially opened kitchen window, Justin and I handed off two small white coupons for a rectangular box before running back to my car.

Sounds shady right? Not at all. SACE, Students for Advanced Career Education, frequently sells, what is known as "Street Food" out of the Angell Hall kitchen window. They have a variety of themes, this one being Greek.
They spent all of Saturday prepping at The Rec Center, and lucky for me, I got a sample. I was sold and bought two tickets for the event.
Upon arrival Justin and I ordered the Combo, which was Chamomile Tea, Pita, Hummus, Tzatziki and Falafel. It came out pretty promptly in a cardboard box that we hurried with pride to our car. The amount of food was impressive for only five dollars, and boy was it delicious.So delicious in fact, that it was gone before I managed a picture. The pita was hand made and perfectly warm around the cucumbers and the falafel. The only thing I would do differently: ask for a fork.

Monday, being a national holiday and all, we had off school. So, Krissy, Justin and I went apple picking at Fishkill Farms. The apples were scarce but it was still a great time, climbing trees, picking apples and of course trying to figure out a system as to who would go to the highest point for that perfect apple.

Me in a Tree

Krissy in a Tree

Justin and Krissy Below the Tree

After filling our three bags we headed to the farm store for pumpkin ice cream cones-- that barely lasted ten minutes, some cider-- which barely made it home, and some apple cider cinnamon sugar donuts-- that barely made it a day.

I wonder what we will do with all of these apples...I see some recipes coming soon.


  1. Im thinking use the apples to make some of the Apple Cider you make in Deep Creek and post the recipe! (: yummmm

  2. haha! I think I am going to make apple dumplings today! But I will definately keep that in miind :)