Friday, February 15, 2013

Measure Up!

You know how they say "good things come to those who wait"? Well, I have been patiently waiting for weeks since recieving an email from the nice people at OXO Kitchen Appliances for my very own set of Mini Measuring Beakers.

What happened was, one day I was leisurely surfing Facebook, when I came across the OXO page. They were doing a survey about storing spices, and what better to do when bored then fill out a survey? A week later, I received an email from them saying they wanted to "thank me for my time" with a complimentary set of Mini Measuring Beakers. Awesome!

And now they are here! They are so cute, and definitely handy for measuring small quantities of ingredients since they sit nicely on the counter. There will be no more fumbling with the measuring spoons and the bottle of vanilla! Don't lie, we have all been there, and spilled it all over the counter.

Aside from being super adorable they have other amazing qualities as well like being dishwasher safe, BPA free and they all nest together for easy storage.

Overall I love them and I think you would, too. Next time you're measuring a teaspoon of lemon juice, you will thank me.


*OXO did not pay or endorse this post. All opinions are my own, without compensation.


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