Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I haven't been on for a while because of the hurricane, but fear not, the Internet is back.

Since being back in Maryland I have had a little bit of a food adventure. Loving to eat seems to run in the family so these past couple of days have been all about food, food, and more food.

Where to start but at the beginning:
  1. Nutella Filled Brownies. These are really easy and ridiculously good. I think I am going to call them "Hurricane Brownies" because the first time I made them was when Hurricane Irene was scheduled to Florida, and the second time was in Maryland, during Irene.
  2. I already managed to make it to An Potin Stil, with my grandparents and sister, since being here. I, of course, got the Bookmaker Sandwhich, with the Irish Spring Rolls.
  3. After enjoying lunch, we went to an Oriental Market in Timonium, MD. It is a little hard to find, but they have everything needed to make Asian cuisine, most of which is the same brands used by The Culinary Institute of America. They also make their own Kim-Chi, which is a rarity in Maryland.
  4. Next up on the list of edible delights was the ever famous, Andy Nelson's. I met Mr. Nelson on this visit. Turns out he is from Alabama, not too far from where I externed at this summer. That would explain why his barbecue is so delicious!
  5. I don't know what it is, but recently I have found so many bookstore closings, thus resulting in really cheap cookbooks. I got a couple of good ones so there will be more book reviews coming, as well as a product review (I am such a sucker for gadgets!).
And that's the recap of my week back in Maryland. I have quite a lot of food ideas floating around in my head right now, so I'm sure they're going to make for some interesting posts very soon!

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